History of H(S)NC Board

Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board (HSNC Board) is a premier educational network spread across the city of Mumbai and its outskirts, with 23 institutes under its umbrella, 16 of which are prestigious colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai and nine schools located at Grant Road and Ulhasnagar. Housed in three campuses- Vidyasagar Prinicipal K M Kundnani Campus at Bandra.

Barrister Hotchand Advani Campus at Churchgate and Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani Campus at Ulhasnagar – the Board caters to over 45,000 students per year from all sections of society and all communities, with a 1500 plus strong faculty. From its ambitious beginning in pre-independence India, through the displacement of the Sindhi community from Sind, Pakistan and relocation in India, followed by the rebuilding of lives, property, businesses, hospitals, educational institutes and other organizations, the HSNC Board has contributed to the development of the Nation in the past 70 years by providing educational and employment opportunities to generations of Indians, while making a marked difference to the Sindhi community in the task of rising from their identity as refugees to an empowered and empowering community.
The HSNC Board is the brainchild of Vidyasagar Principal K M Kundnani and Barrister Hotchand Advani, who after persistent efforts could start the R D National College at Bandra, in 1948, barely a year after independence and partition.

History of IECON

The International Economics Convention is an odyssey which is joined by hundreds of students and faculty from national and international universities and colleges. It is a novel initiative of H(S)NC Board to instill and enhance research skills at tertiary level. It aims to be one of the leading international conferences for presenting exquisite and fundamental advances in the fields of Social Science and Economics.


It nurtures and strengthens analytical, presentation and leadership skills among students. In the early nineteen nineties when the globalization had become the buzz word in the Indian economy the deliberations between the then Governor of RBI Mr. I. G. Patel, Mr. Ram Tarneja and then M.D. of the Bennett & Coleman Group and Principal Dr. Indu Shahani paved the way for the International Economics Convention.


The first IEC was hosted by H.R. College in 1993 under the leadership of Dr. Indu Shahani that had created the benchmark for all the IECs to follow. This year Smt. MMK College hosts, deliberates and discusses on the theme “Human Capital Development through Higher Education: Lessons for India” Today in its 27th year, it has its own success story to tell.

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