Dr. CA Kishore Peshori

I/C Principal - Smt. MMK College

We are privileged to host the 27th International Economics Convention, a unique initiative of H(S)NC Board. Smt. MMK college is proud and priliviged to host it for the fifth time.
This year’s theme ‘Human Capital Development through Higher Education: Lessons for India’ resonates well with the positive, forward looking vibe that accompanies the Indian economy. The International Economics Convention provides an unprecedented platform for young researchers from around the world to share expertise and ideas and also instills critical thinking, analytical and collaborative skills. It has been instrumental in inducing meaningful and transformative learning experiences.

Through the IEC website, now universities, colleges, participants, organizers have round- the-clock availability in terms of access of information, timely discussions, meaningful and tailored networking and resources to elevate career. It will help in building and fostering a rapport among the universities worldwide.

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